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Byron, Bernese Mtn Dog has a few things to say about his forever home

Updated: May 21, 2018

I was adopted by my foster family on my 5th birthday. I am so thankful to BFW Rescue for bringing me into rescue and helping me find my furever home. Since day 1 I have felt apart of my family. My big brother Woodley tells me all the tricks to getting what I want. He has also taught me the art form of pouting and begging. There are so many squeaky toys from me to choose from when playing and no one seems annoyed when I squeak continuously for minutes at a time. When the weather permits I get to go on walks. I also went to shop at the pet store where everyone fell in love with me and I conned mommy into getting me a bully stick (don’t worry, of course, she also got one for my big brother). I also get SO many snuggles. I even sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed or as I call it “our bed”, which if you know my daddy is a BIG deal. They also let me lay however I want and they adjust around me. I have hit the jackpot with this family and love it here. I constantly have a big smile on my face because I am so loved and as mommy says spoiled.


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