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Gordon needs a forever home

Courtesy Post: Please all inquiries or anyone interested in Gordon please email:

Gordon was found tied to a tree in a dog park in Harlem, New York when he was 1 year old. Thankfully Gordon was rescued, but he needs a new home! Gordon is almost 7 years old and is just over 75 pounds. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog mix and is up-to-date on all vaccinations and is microchipped. He is neutered and house trained and even understands and can perform basic commands (ie: sit, stay, down, paw). Gordon walks well on a leash but may need some reinforcement when near smaller dogs.

Gordon goes to Biscuits & Bath daycare quite often and is good with all the dogs there except for small dogs and Siberian Huskies (he's only ever acclimated to one Siberian Husky, but generally doesn't like them). He's fearful around people he doesn't know and because of his unpredictable nature, we've never tested him around small children. He is not a friend to cats and his behavioral issues are primarily fearfulness lead to extreme protectiveness over the household. Loud and sudden noises will also startle him and he may start barking, but that's only because it surprised him.

Gordon would be on his best behavior with an owner who is strict and sets boundaries. A friend of ours used to train dogs, and she took him in for a few months and was even able to bring people into her home that Gordon didn't know. I'm confident that with the right owner,Gordon would be the perfect companion! He enjoys playing fetch, tug of war, and swimming. He is a true outdoorsy type pet! Gordon resides in the Big Apple, NYC.

Please share Gordon far and wide, let's find this boy the right forever family.


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