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Holliday is ready for his Forever Home

Mr. Holliday, 1 ½ year old Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix, AKA Bernedoodle is ready for a forever home to call his own. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines and has a microchip. He is a bog boy of 85 pounds.

Holliday is not the dog for just anyone. This boy is super smart, eager to please, immature and extremely high energy. He knows most basic commands. Holliday will require a very dog experienced home, no small children, teenagers should be okay. He would do better in a home where the humans are home more than not. He is doing better being left alone but he will not do well in a home where he is left alone for long periods of time. He has never lived with other dogs. He is currently living with cats and doing fine with them.

Holliday is a barker, he loves to dig, he loves to be in the water and he can swim very well. He loves paper products, so guard that toilet paper and those paper towels, he will eat them. He will counter surf if you are not paying attention.

Holliday doesn’t always give up items in his mouth nicely, he has learned to trade up. So if he grabs something he shouldn’t, you can trade him a treat for the item.

Holliday is a puller when walking on a leash. A gentle leader is being used by his foster and he is walking much better. He walks several miles a day currently. He has so much energy that walks are required every single day to drain his energy.

He loves to ride in the car, on longer trips he settles down and sleeps for most of the ride. He does not get car sick.

He loves being outside when the temperatures are not too hot. He does not listen well when outside, he is too busy smelling and checking things out. This is being worked on by his foster family.

Holliday is still a young immature boy who will need a family to keep teaching him and working with him. He can become too attached to his person and demand all attention. When he gets too excited or is demanding all attention, he will nip or grab his person’s arms. He has no idea how strong he is or how big he is, so this nipping or grabbing of the arm can/could hurt a person. He is showing improvement the more the foster family works with him.

He has visited all sorts of stores and such while in his foster home. He does really well on these outings. He has been taught to sit and let people pet him. He was at Lowe’s recently and he foster was thrilled with how well he did. He sat and let lots of people pet him. Previously he wanted to jump on everyone.

Holliday is a wonderful boy, super smart, eager to please and full of energy. He is overall a great boy who needs a forever family who will keep working with him. He is young and will mature slowly as he ages like any other Berner would.

He is located in Columbia, South Carolina. We do not transport our Berners, adopter should plan to travel to Columbia to pick up Holliday. Adoption fee is $300.00. If interested in possibly adopting Holliday please email


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