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Introducing the Union President

I, Woodley, wanted to introduce myself since some of you may not know me. I am the self-appointed BFW Rescue union president. That’s right, there was no vote. Much like when I stole mommy’s steak before she could cook it, I seized the opportunity of becoming the union president. I will help Berners currently in rescue and those who are alumni when faced with negotiations with the management aka the humans. You may be asking what type of situations can Woodley help me in, well friend I can help when you steal something you shouldn't have and are facing consequences, when you want more belly rubs and snuggles, and when your parents have unreasonable expectations such as sit, stay, or come. You may wonder what is my background that qualifies me to do this role. No, i do not have a law degree but a PhD in thievery and years of experience dealing with my parents. Just remember when in need I’ll help you out.

Sincerely Woodley BFW Rescue Union President


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