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Loki is Ready for a Forever Home

Hi folks, my name is Loki (or as my foster dog sister calls me siiiigh Loki) and I am looking for a perfect family to call my own. I am almost 11 months old. I am super special because I am a Bernese Mtn Dog & Great Pyrenees mix. I know right? Like the best combination ever. They say I have all the best traits of each breed. I love to herd all things(i.e. my foster family, foxes, deer, my foster dog sister) that are moving. I love to snuggle, I love attention and I love to climb in people’s laps. Who says that only small dogs can sit in laps? I am a fierce protector, I bark at anything and everything if given the chance. My fosters are working on keeping me quiet and so far they say I am doing well in this area. I have super hero skills; I can leap over a couch in a single bound. I know right? AMMMAZZZZING. I move like lightning, in a second I will be right between your legs, only super hero’s can move as fast as me. Side note, I don’t want to seem cocky but Batman would be my sidekick. I can even leap through the air for no apparent reason at all except to beat everyone else to the couch-competition is healthy hahaha. I walk fairly well on a leash except when I want to herd the deer here in the national forest where I am living now. I also will chase the ten cars a day that drive down our street, again my super hero skills kicking in; I need to arrive first on the scene to make sure all is well in the neighborhood. My fosters are working on this with me as well but I cannot promise I will improve before my big move to my forever home. I do not think I would like life in the big city, I have only lived in rural areas so I am thinking I would like some fenced in land to run and play each day. I love to run and I run unbelievable fast, I am sure I could win a gold medal if I was racing someone. Oh and I am not a fan of riding in cars. I ride like a champ if I am in a crate but overall I do not enjoy the experience so I do drool excessively when I ride in the car. I am the perfect patient at the vet; my vet can do anything to me without any fuss. As a matter of fact, I was so good for the vet, I was neutered, had a microchip inserted and received all of my vaccines. Oh I almost forgot to mention, I love my food! I love it so dang much that I protect it. I think the humans called it resource guarding. I don’t understand what the big deal is, I just give a little growl to let other dogs know that it is MY food. I am an 82 pound puppy who is just now learning manners and how to really be mellow in the house, so my forever family is really going to have to step up to the plate and teach me all of the things I should know by now in life. My foster folks are trying really hard and I am a quick study. I am now crate trained, I sit when I feel like it, (I believe that’s one of my strong Berner traits) I am learning stay, I am learning to not bolt out the front door, so you see, I really am a work in progress, and on an existential level aren’t we all? My foster mom says I am special and I will make the right family a perfect companion once I know a few more of these pesky things called manners. My adoption fee is $450.00 because we want BFWR to keep helping dogs like me, so let’s pay it forward to the next lucky pup that lands in a BFWR foster home. Also these people do not transport their Berners, adopters should plan to pick me up at my foster home in McCormick SC.


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