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Maya is Ready for a Forever Home

Our dear Maya is ready for a forever home to call her own. Maya is female Bernese Mountain Dog around 13 months old. She has been spayed, she is up to date on vaccines, and has a microchip.

Maya's start in life was less than ideal. She has made great strides in her foster home. She is a work in progress but really any 13 month old Berner is a work in progress.

She does not do well living with other female dogs. She would do best sharing her home with a large breed male dog at least 3 years old. This male should be confident, tolerant and very patient of a new pup in the home. Maya is not willing to be submissive during playtime with other dogs, this can be a cause of frustration with the other dogs.

Maya has a very strong prey drive, no small dogs, no cats and no other small animals in the home please. Her humans will need to be strong and stable on their feet, this strong prey drive of hers will make her want to chase and drag her human along for the ride. We also feel a 6 ft tall fence would be best but are open to shorter fencing as long as her humans understand they will most likely need to take her out on a leash with the shorter fence in place.

Maya has a high degree of separation anxiety. She would do best with humans that are home more than not.

Maya is very food motivated which makes positive reinforcement training the way to go with her. Maya is very sensitive. Like most Berners her age, she will take 5 steps forward one day and then the next, take 10 steps backwards.

Apartments, condos and homes similar probably are not perfect for Maya, she is a barker and she might just drive your neighbors crazy.

Maya is not a great match for small children at this time. She would be okay with teenagers as long as they are patient and understand her behaviors. She is learning how to not bite or be as mouthy when excited. She has made great progress in the area but her adopters will need to continue to work with her on this issue.

Maya loves a great routine, in fact she thrives on a routine and is very proud of herself when she knows she has the normal routine down.

Maya is a sweet loving girl who is young and a work in progress. She will attach herself most likely to the female in the home. She will snuggle on demand. She hasn't found a toy that she doesn't like. She will give nose bumps and kisses. She will steal all toys from the other dog in the home. She will destroy all socks and rearrange your shoes daily.

If you are looking for a young female Berner, one who is sweet and loving but also still learning and is a work in progress like any other Berner her age, Maya is for you.

Maya is located in Johnstown, Ohio. Her adoption fee is $450.00. We do not transport our Berners, adopter should plan to travel to Johnstown, Ohio to pick Maya up.

If interested in being considered to adopt Maya, please complete our adoption application (applications below picture) and return to

BFW Rescue Adoption Application
Download DOCX • 29KB

BFW Rescue Adoption Application
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