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Baron, 1 year old, Bernese Mountain Dog is Ready for a Forever Home

Handsome Baron is ready for a forever home to call his own. He just turned a year old in April. He is up to date on vaccines, he has a microchip, he has been neutered, he is a healthy young pup, he weighs 92 pounds. Baron loves people!!! He would prefer to spend his days and nights with his people. He loves to lay next to you. He loves to sit on your feet. He loves attention!!


Here is what Baron's foster has to say:

Baron is a loving boy. He wants nothing more than to be with you, close to you, touching you. He loves his people. Really he gets very excited when he sees people, he is learning to not jump on people to greet them. He loves to put his front paws on your shoulders to say hello and to lick your face. He would prefer his forever family be home more than not. Families who work from home or are out of the home for shorter period of times would be best for Baron.


Baron has been crate trained which has been extremely useful in keeping him out of trouble. He is a young boy so he still likes to counter surf, get into the trash and grab things he shouldn't, he is learning "leave it".


It doesn't appear that he had ever been walked before coming to our home. We have worked with him daily and he is doing really well with leash walks. We live in a national forest so we have wildlife everywhere, he does get very interested in the wildlife, we are working on teaching him to stay or redirecting him so he will not give chase to the wildlife.


He is now house-trained! He is one smart cookie, he learns things very fast. It only took him a day or two to learn which door to go to when it was potty time. He really caught on to the routine of the house in a matter of days. He even sleeps all night long in his crate, he does need to go out first thing in the morning for a quick potty.


Previously he had never lived with other dogs. He is currently living with a female Berner. He is unsure how to "play" with her. The two are interacting more and more each day. They are learning to "play". They are even lying next to each other often. Unfortunately we have learned that Baron will resource guard toys, chews, antlers, food, water and his crate. He only resource guards with other dogs in the home. Humans can do anything to him or around him with zero reaction. Due to this resource guarding he probably would do best as the only dog in the home unless the family is extremely experienced with resource guarding.


We have no doubt Baron will make a great addition to a family. His family would have to continue working with him on manners and all of those things that you would normally work on with a young Berner. If there are young children in the home, expect him to knock them over, knock them down, he can be a bull in a china shop. He has never been around cats or lived with cats. He does want to chase wildlife and he would probably want to chase cats. He is super sweet! He is so loving! He is soooo handsome, has great markings! If we didn't foster all the time, we would probably consider adopting Baron.


If you are looking for a great young Berner, Baron just might be the boy for you. He is located in McCormick, South Carolina. We do not transport our Berners. Adopter should plan to travel to the foster home to pick up Baron. His adoption fee is $500.00. If interested in adopting Baron please complete out adoption application.


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