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Bernese Mountain Dogs Benefit From Book Sales

Rick Fisher is an huge supporter of rescues and what they do to better the lives of the dogs in their care. Last year you might remember BFW Rescue was selected to benefit from his generosity and his latest book. This book is very special for him and his family, see it will most likely be the last book he is able to publish, he has ALS. There are still copies of this amazing book available and the proceeds go to rescue groups across the country. These books make great gifts for any dog lover. BFW Rescue is still one of the rescues that benefits from the sales and until the remaining copies are sold, 100% of the proceeds from the book go to rescues. Just click on the link below, make your purchase and select BFW Rescue, the Berners in our care Thank you!

Here is a message from Rick:

A Wish That You Can Help Come True

Last year, I designed a hard-cover book of dog photos – many are mine, but many are from leading dog photographers across the globe. I sold them to benefit animal welfare organizations and the important work they do. The book has great reviews (4.9 stars out of 5)! I still have 130 books remaining to be sold. This is where I need your help.

Can you help me spread the word and get these books sold?

It may be a bit early for some of you to even think about Christmas gifts, but these books will make a great gift – for yourself or that animal lover in your life. Most of you are aware that I have a fatal disease and have fortunately lived much longer than my doctors predicted. My goal is to sell the remaining 130 dog photo-books while I am still around to celebrate it. The proceeds will go 100% to animal welfare organizations.

Since my diagnosis, I have been relatively stable until about one month ago. Suffice it to say that I have become progressively worse. Due to the nature of ALS, there is no way to predict the future. However, I would love to sell these final dog photo-books.

Last year, when the books were sold for $100.00, $50.00 went to shelters/rescue organizations and approximately $50.00 covered the cost of the books. This year, my wife and I decided to absorb the cost of each book sold so that all $100.00 will be donated to the shelters/rescue organizations.

So, I ask for your help in these three ways: 1. If you did not buy the book, please consider doing so ($100.00 will be sent to your designated shelter/rescue organization), or buy a second for that special dog lover. 2. If you know of someone who would enjoy the book, please share this message with them. 3. For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, I could use a little extra help.

I will try not to bother you “too much” trying to sell these remaining dog photo-books over the next period of time.

Thanks for your continuing support.


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