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Boone is Ready for a Forever Home

Our dear sweet loving Boone is ready for a forever home to call his own. Here is what his foster has to say about this super cute boy:

We just love Boone to pieces! He is one of the sweetest loving Berners we have ever had in our home. He is a pup and still young so he is very much a work in progress. He is stubborn just like every other Berner on the planet. He is very food motivated, he will do just about anything for a treat. He is crate trained, potty trained, knows sit, getting better with stay, he will give you his paw, he loves everyone he meets, he loves dogs of all shapes and sizes. He has never been around cats, so we have no idea how he would do with cats. He does pretty well on a leash and is getting better with each passing week.

Boone has had diarrhea his entire life. His previous owner worked with a vet on this issue. He has eaten just about every traditional commercial dog food/kibble on the market with all the same result, in 2 weeks massive diarrhea. As fosters we see this often with Berners and have experience with other food choices and prefer them to commercial traditional dog food/kibble. He has done extremely well eating Honest Kitchen with Grain, Beef. We strongly encourage his adopter to stick with this food, it works for Boone. He only weighs 66 pounds and this is a direct result of a lifetime of food going straight through his system. Our vet says he is healthy and as long as the diarrhea is kept at bay, he will begin gaining weight as you would expect and start filling out in the areas of his body that are thin.

Since food never slowed down in his system, he was always hungry and began eating things to fill up that stomach of his. He suffers from Pica, the consumption of non-food substances. We work daily on "leave it" or "drop", he is getting better with these commands but again is a work in progress. He has stopped eating pine cones but does try to grab one every now and then, simple leave it and he walks away from the pine cone. He does love to eat dirt, tree bark and soap. He is now obsessed with bars of soap. We can no longer leave a bar of soap within his reach. In the home he is learning to not counter surf, clean the dishes in the dishwasher and not grab paper products you might have in your hand. Just like any young Berner pup he wants to be in everything and if it smells like food he wants to lick or eat it. As he gets better with stay and no, we expect he will keep improving in these areas.

He seems to suffer from seasonal allergies. His paws get very red and inflamed. Once red and inflamed he wants to chew on them nonstop. We have treated this like we would hot spots and slowly the paws have healed nicely. Since we are going into winter with cool temps we expect any allergy reactions to be over and done with for the season. But his adopter will need to keep an eye on those paws of his and the minute he starts chewing nonstop on them, the adopter will want to swing into action to work with their vet on treating his seasonal allergies.

Boone loves to bark and be heard. He is learning he does not have to bark at every passing car and such but for now he loves to let you know when anything or anyone is near the house. When it gets to be too much, we ask him to lay down. He is getting better with this but has a long way to go yet.

He would do better in a home with humans home more than not. If there are small children in the home, he will love them but please please note, he will jump on them when excited. He also still puppy nips when excited. We will keep working on both of these but until he matures more, these two things will not go away before he moves to his adoptive home.

He has been neutered, is up to date on vet care.

His adoption fee is $450.00. He is located in McCormick South Carolina.

We do not transport our Berners, adopter should plan to travel to McCormick South Carolina to his foster home to pick him up.

If interested in adopting Boone, please send an email to


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