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Calling All Rescues!!

Calling all rescues!

The 2022 Specialty Planning booklet for the BMDCA's 2022 National Specialty is now available and master registration is open!!

Time to start writing the story (limited to 500 words) of your special rescue and choosing the photo. For only $15-$28, depending on the package you choose, you can share your story and photo with about 800 people at the Specialty in Hampton Roads, VA at the end of March.

You receive a unique, handmade pin with your dog's name on it, a booklet of all the stories and another special surprise.

It's a fun week full of everything Berner and we hope many of you will attend so we can meet you in person.

We will also post the Rescue Gallery stories online, so those not able to attend can read them, too.

You can submit a story of your living rescue, or one who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Please feel free to contact Carolyn Paige or Patti Baizel Finley, if you have any questions about the Rescue Gallery, getting a BernerGarde id#, and registering for the Rescue Gallery. The deadline this year is FEBRUARY 12th!!!


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