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Charlie is Ready for a Forever Home

Our handsome Charlie is ready for a forever home to call his own. Charlie is 4 years old, up to date on all vet matters. He is house trained and was crate trained as a pup. He might need a refresher with the crate but he does not bother items in the home when left alone. He knows most basic commands. Charlie’s fosters describe him as a sweet loving good boy. Charlie will need a dog savvy forever family. Charlie should not live with young children, teenagers would be okay.

This wonderful boy does have a few quirks, his forever family will need to understand these quirks and be able to handle them. Charlie does not like to be pulled. For example, if he jumps in the car and sits in the front seat, you will not be able to move him easily or by pulling his collar. Charlie loves the car, he loves riding in the car but he will take over the car. He rides best in the back seat with a barrier up to keep him from jumping in the front seat and distracting the driver. He loves the car so much that if it is parked in the garage and the car door is open, he will climb in and take himself a nap.

If there are other dogs in the family, they would need to meet Charlie to make sure they get along. See Charlie is a little picky about his friends; he loves some dogs and others he really strongly dislikes.

Charlie loves attention and being petted but when meeting people it can take some time for him to warm up to new people. His fosters states; he loves all people as long as they do not push themselves on him.

Charlie is doing better with getting a bath; however, that boy does not like his nailed trimmed and is not a huge fan of being brushed. The fosters can teach Charlie’s forever family how to get him brushed but the nail trim will most likely need to be completed by the vet’s office and Charlie will likely need to a wear a muzzle.

Charlie is sharing the house with a few cats and he has done great with the cats. He seems curious about the cats and that is it, he does not bother the cats.

If you are ready to add a handsome loving Berner who happens to have a few quirks to the family, then Charlie is for you. Overall Charlie is one great Berner but you have to be aware of his fears and understand how to handle them. Charlie’s adoption fee is $450.00; he is located in Columbia, South Carolina. We do not transport our Berners; adopters would need to pick Charlie up at his foster home. If interested in Charlie please email: to request an adoption application.


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