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Messge from the Berner Union Prez and Vice Prez

Hello BFW Rescue family.

It’s your Union President and Vice President here. We wanted to ask everyone to join us in welcoming the puppies that were recently fostered/adopted through the rescue. Welcome friends! Your union reps are here for you from puppy-hood to adulthood. Does your parent use the horrible word no? Message us! We will be your advocate and remind your parent of the unwritten rule of letting you do what you want. Your parent declines to share their good dinner? Let us know, we will intervene on your behalf. We also want to take a moment and ask fellow Berner and Berner adjacent dogs to share what they are thankful for in the comments. We will start. We are thankful BFW Rescue gives us a platform to connect with our union members, for the queen size bed we take over at bed time (we have trained mom to sleep in a small corner and yes we can teach you young puppers how to train your human), the dinner we will have tonight, and all the belly rubs. What are you thankful for?

Berner On and Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Byron (Union President) & Zion (Vice President)


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