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Update from the Berner Union Prez and VP

Hello Fellow Berners and their Humans!

You may be asking how have the Prez and VP been doing during quarantine? Well friends we started off strong. Mommy being home all the time, YES PLEASE. We have crashed numerous zoom meetings. One day mommy was on a break in between meetings and the camera was still on and the VP aka Zion came in and she gave him kisses and mommy and Zion had a whole conversation on camera on how he was a good boy. People started chiming in to mommy that they could see her. If you know mommy and know Zion you know neither one cared. Do we go out pretty much whenever we want to? Yup. Do we get all our naps in still? Yes. Now the downside, our time at doggy day care got reduced since mommy was working from home. Sigh. Ok mommy you think you have a valid point, but, send the VP everyday all day so the Union Prez can have a break from the doodle. Y’all that doodle aka dood life is for real! Zion lost his tooth and had to have surgery so that has been our low point. He is in recovery. In the photo I have provided you see me lovingly caressing my brother and providing comfort. That’s what Union Presidents do. We are here for our fellow man/woman. What have you all been up to in quarantine? Share with me in the comments!

Love Byron & Zion


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