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We're George and Mozart: Two Paw-some HugeHounds

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hi, hoomans! We’re George and Mozart, two HUGE hounds.

I’m George, a Saint Bernard—so that gives you some idea of what we mean by “huge.” My brother, Mozart, is a bit of Saint Bernard, a bit of Mastiff, and a lot of slobber. He’s still my little brother, because he weighs only 142 pounds. I outrank him by 16 pounds. You might think being a big dog means fewer worries. What do we have to be afraid of, right? Well, big dogs are just as susceptible to disease and injury as smaller dogs. In fact, Mozart and I almost didn’t make it. When I was just a pup, I was abandoned in a field because I had Parvo.

Most pups don’t survive. My adopted hoomans found me, loved me, and fixed me right up,

because they knew the world would be better with me in it. Mozart’s start in life wasn’t much easier. A breeder abandoned him because he had hip dysplasia. Can you imagine? I mean, the treatment can be expensive, but I can promise you that Mozart is worth every single cent. Fortunately, our mom and dad agreed.

We overcame the obstacles, grew into ENORMOUS hounds, and live the good life with our

hoomans and little pup sister, Lola. That doesn’t mean life is all roses, though. We still have a

few issues we have to deal with. Like, did you know most dog doors are tiny? We’re absolute giants in a land of medium-sized dogs, with their minuscule food bowls and even smaller pup clothes. How’s a huge hound to survive with those microscopic treats, I ask you.

Again, our hoomans knew exactly what we needed, and together we put our huge brains

together to solve the big dog dilemma. That’s where the HugeHounds lifestyle brand comes in. It’s developed with love for the plus-sized pup, like me and Mozart. Our signature products, the RainRover, raincoat and the DroolRag, were crafted with the heftiest and drooliest of canines in mind. No matter how rainy or snowy it is outside, Mozart and I still get plenty of outdoor play without tracking mud, drool and smelly wet dog back into the house.

We knew that a raincoat and drool catching pockets wouldn’t solve all the problems in the

world for huge hounds like us. That’s why we decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from all sales to a rescue for big dogs like us.

See, the most important thing—to me and Mozart and to our hoomans—is that as many other “dogs of a certain size” as possible get the start in life that they deserve. That means treatment for Parvo and other illnesses that affect young dogs, surgeries for injuries and common skeletal conditions in large dogs, and lodging while seeking out the perfect “furever” home.

As Mozart and I know—and our hooman parents, too—taking care of huge hounds is expensive. But we want to help give them every possible chance to not just survive, but also to thrive.

If you want to learn more about Mozart and me, or regale us with stories about your own big

doggos, come join us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) or join our Facebook group, I Love My HugeHounds – Big Dogs. We’re here to share photos, advice, suggestions…and more photos! Who ever got tired of seeing dog pics, huh? Especially the slobbery ones.

Until we meet again, Expect BIG Things!

George and Mozart

Two Paw-some HugeHounds

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