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What is Berner-Garde Foundation

The Berner-Garde Foundation was established to assist in efforts to improve the health of Bernese Mountain Dogs. The BGF is comprised of a voluntary Board of Directors and other workers. Our efforts are designed to support scientific research into the causes and cures for genetic diseases and general health of our beloved Berners.

To support these goals, the Berner-Garde Foundation:

  • Maintains a computerized database to record information about diseases and general health observed in Bernese Mountain Dogs. We are a recording database for purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs. The main purpose of our database is to collect and disseminate information that has been voluntarily submitted by owners and breeders which we have gone to great lengths to verify as accurate. Berner-Garde Foundation encourages adhering to breeding standards per the BMDCA Code of Conduct or your breed club standards wherever it might be worldwide. However, it is the responsibility of owners and breeders to use the data responsibly. The information in the Berner-Garde Database is publicly available online, free of charge to everyone. more...

  • The Berner-Garde Foundation, with support from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, has established a repository of DNA and tumor tissue from Bernese Mountain Dogs. This repository, housed at Michigan State University, can provide researchers with a wealth of assistance for approved projects. more ...

  • The Berner-Garde Foundation supports research studies aimed at reducing the health problems found in Bernese Mountain Dogs. Research proposals and assistance are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors. more ...

Please take a minute to add your Berner to the database to help our beloved breed. All rescues can be entered as well. If you do not have all of the information for the rescue you adopted, no problem, just leave it blank. We all understand with rescues often there is no history known.


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