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Zoe is Looking for a Forever Home

Beautiful 5 year old Zoe is looking for a forever home to call her own. She is up to date on vaccines, she has been spayed and she has a microchip. Zoe is a very special Berner and will require just the right forever home. She spent most of her life in a puppy mill; this means she was never socialized properly. This means she does not know the world around her very well and that world is super frightening to her.

Puppy mill dogs need loads of patience, understanding and love. It can take time and complete dedication to help Berners like Zoe overcome all the damage that occurred during the many years spent in unsanitary and harmful conditions. Maintaining realistic expectations is important. Not all puppy mill dogs are capable of overcoming their issues. Some will remain shy and skittish for life. Others may overcome many of their fears, but the process typically goes very slowly. Watching these dogs blossom and grow through baby steps, day after day, can be a very rewarding experience but it is not for everyone.

Zoe has been in our care for about 6 months, during this time she has made progress. She will come to her foster to get her head scratched; she will come to get a few pets too. She does not want to play with other dogs but she does seem to relax and find comfort in her foster dog brother. That relaxation and comfort did not happen immediately, it did take time. Zoe does fairly well with vet visits; she is shy but does let the vet do what needs to be done.

Zoe would be happier in a rural setting or smaller town. The big city is just not the right setting for her. An on the go super busy family would not be the best fit for Zoe. She would do better in a home that is quiet/calm and has a dependable schedule most days. We do not require this with many of our Berners but for Zoe we do need to take a few extra steps with potential adopters to make sure there is a full understanding of Zoe and her needs, potential adopters will be asked to do a few meet and greets with Zoe and her foster at her foster’s home.

Zoe is being foster in Wake Forest, NC. Her adoption fee is $450.00. We do not transport our Berners, adopters please plan to travel to Zoe and pick her up from her foster home. We encourage anyone considering applying to adopt Zoe, if you have never adopted a puppy mill dog before, please take some time to complete some research on puppy mill breeding stock and what challenges dogs like Zoe face.


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