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2020 Rescue Gallery Submission Time

The 2020 Rescue Gallery is now open! Time to start writing your stories on your special Berners to share with everyone at the Specialty and beyond.

To make things easier this year, we've moved the Rescue Gallery to the BMDCA Store:

All the info is there, but Patti Finley and Carolyn Paige are available to answer any questions.

You don't have to attend the Specialty in Hunt Valley, MD to enter your dog into the Rescue Gallery. We will be doing the rainbow pins again this year for those dogs that have passed. Both pins are available only through the Rescue Gallery. Please share this information with another Berner rescue friend. There have been many rescues in the past year, and we want to include as many stories as possible. As you know, many Berner people don't realize there are rescues and this is an important way to show the Berner community how special they are.

Thanks for being part of this group and we look forward to all the entries coming soon!! Rescues Rock!!! 💛🐾


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