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Bernese Mountain Dog, Kami

Kami is one of our favorite Berners in our care right now. Kami spent her life living on a chain in a hoarding situation. Since arriving in our care, she has received all vet care necessary to get her healthy and ready for her next chapter.

Kami is believed to be 3-4 years old. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, has a microchip. Kami has been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This means she has lost part of her vision and will slowly go blind over the course of her life. Her ophthalmologist recommended a daily supplement that will slow down the progression. This supplement is around $90.00 per month. It was also recommended she receive an eye examine twice a year to monitor the progressive of the PRA.

She loves other dogs. We have no idea about cats but based on her behaviors we would bet she is just fine sharing a home with cats. She is happy stretched out napping on and off all day. She walks pretty well on a leash. She is crate trained and feels safe in her crate. She does not like thunder and if in her crate during those loud storms, she does just fine. She is house trained. She is doing very very well learning to live in a house. She has even learned how to counter surf when something smells too good to resist on the counter.

Due to Kami's previous living situation, she is extremely shy of new people and a bit fearful. She slowly warms up to new people. Once she knows you and trusts you, you are hers for life. It will take some time for her to greet you at the door when you come home. Her foster will be able to help her adopter understand how to bond with Kami and keep her moving forward.

Kami would love to have her humans home more than not. She would do best in a rural setting. The big city is just not for her. All of the noise is extremely stressful for her and it really does overload her senses. A home with only a few steps/stairs or no stairs at all would be ideal.

If you are ready for a mellow, sweet, loving girl, Kami is for you. Please understand it will take time for her to bond and trust you. Once she does, it is so so special and you will receive nothing but love from Kami going forward.

Kami is located in McCormick, South Carolina. We do not transport our Berners, adopter should plan to pick Kami up from her foster home. Her adoption fee is $450.00. If interested in adopting this wonderful girl, complete our adoption application and return to

BFW Rescue Adoption Application
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BFW Rescue Adoption Application
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