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Bernese Mountain Dog Union has a new Prez

For those of you who have followed BFWR for the past year or so probably know we have a Union for all the Berners and Woodley was the self appointed Union President. Since Woodley's passing that position has been vacant. Well in true Woodley fashion we are pleased to announce Byron (Woodley Woo's brother) has followed in Woodley's footsteps and Byron has appointed himself the new Union Prez. Here is a message from the new Berner leader:

Byron, aka: Byron Boo Boo, Doc Byron, Snugglebutt, Lord Byron, have completed the swearing in process and I am the new Berner union president. I have made a vow to uphold Woodley’s past rulings and stand in alliance with his thought process that all Berners are right. As my brother had encouraged, I will live my life BOLDLY by going after what I want, sitting where I want, demanding snuggles when I want, and going for at least one car ride a week. My brother worked far too hard when he committed to 20-25 minutes a week. I am honoring him by working 10 minutes total a week-he would have wanted it that way. In closing, I look forward to continuing the Berner revolution. Love Sir Byron


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