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Cheyenne is Ready for a Forever Home to Call Her Own

Our ever so sweet 6 year old Cheyenne is ready for a forever home to call her own. She is up to date on vaccines, spayed and has a microchip. Before coming to us for care, Cheyenne lived outside 24/7, she has learned to live indoors and is overall doing very well being an inside Berner. She has not had an accident in the house, she is house-trained. Cheyenne would prefer a rural setting, the big city is just not for her. She loves people, she is fine with children of all ages. She would love for someone to be home more than not. She will need lots of patience from her people. She is still learning and adjusting to the big ole world. She is not a fan of the car, well sometimes she is and sometimes she isn't. Her fosters will be happy to share a few tips with the adopter for getting Cheyenne in the car. She does not care for high energy dogs. Cheyenne does well with calm mellow dogs. Now cats, she is fine as long as they are lounging around, if that cat starts running Cheyenne will be hot on its heels chasing that cat. When Cheyenne gets scared she yelps to let you know she is not comfortable. Her fosters are crazy about her and describe her as the sweetest Berner on the planet. Cheyenne is located in Columbus Ohio, her adoption fee is $450.00. We do not transport our Berners, adopter should plan to travel to Cheyenne's foster home to pick her up. 

If interested in possibly adopting Cheyenne, please send an email to


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