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Moe is Ready for His Forever Home

Our handsome 1 year old Moe is looking for a forever home to call his own. Now he is very much a pup and has all of that energy that comes with a young Berner. Some would say his energy level is very high. He currently takes 4 – 5 leash walks a day, this translates into about 4-5 miles a day of just leash walks. Moe loves to run off leash in a fenced in yard. Normally we do not require a fenced in yard; however, with Moe, a fenced in yard is required. His foster confirms if he is off leash and can run away he will, not 100% confident he would return home at this point. He is young so we are sure at some point with the right continued work, this might not be a problem as he grows up and ages. He is house-trained and knows his basic commands. He is very treat and food motivated. He loves to play with your pillows; he will destroy them if left to play with them for more than a minute or two. He loves playing with other dogs but he is horrible with cats, no cats in the home please. He has never lived with another dog but does have play dates often with dogs in the neighborhood. He is too bouncy and mouthy right now to live with small children. He should be good with teenagers as long as they understand his personality. He is one of the most stubborn Berners we have had in our care in a long time. If he does not get his way, he will growl. If he wants to do something and he cannot, he will growl. This growl is not aggressive but more of a I want to get my way. His foster has corrected this behavior using positive methods. As with any dog, a growl could lead to a dog bite. This could happen with the best dog in the world. For this reason Moe will require a dog savvy family, a family who can continue to work with him in all areas. His forever family will need to understand this growl business and understand how to counter condition and diffuse the growl at that moment. Over the next few weeks, Moe will be visiting with an Ophthalmologist regarding possible corrective surgery for Ectropion. He will be ready for his forever home once fully recovered from surgery and released by our Ophthalmologist. Moe has been neutered and is up to date on vaccines. He also has a microchip. He weighs 93 pounds and is strong as on ox. He is located in Columbia, South Carolina. His adoption fee is $450.00. We do not transport our Berners; adopter should plan to travel to Columbia to pick up Moe at his foster home. Please complete adoption application and return fully completed and signed application to

BFW Rescue Adoption Application
Download PDF • 83KB


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