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Sophie is ready for a Forever Home

Our dear sweet Sophie is ready for a forever home to call her own. In October we were told she is 3 years old, vets agree she is around 3 years old. She has been spayed, has a microchip and is up to date on all other vet matters.

Sophie spent her life in a commercial breeding facility/puppy mill. If you do not know what this is, please do a Google search and do a little research. These dogs are not for every family or household. They are very special and come with their own set of quirks. They are often shy, timid, can shutdown, afraid of most everything, until arriving in our foster home they would have never been exposed to the world. Everything is new to them, living in a home is new, living with kind humans is new, loud sounds also new, you get the idea, everything is new.

For these reasons, Berners like Sophie require just the right forever home. A home full of extremely patient humans, no small children, a calm confident dog would be awesome, a home where her humans are home more than not, humans who will take her on multiple daily walks, experience with shy and timid Berners would be a plus, a willingness to continue working with her every single day like her fosters have done, a home in a rural setting and not a busy city. She currently lives with a couple of cats and there has been no issue. Please understand Sophie will take a baby step or two forward, celebrate that and then the next day she might take 5 steps backwards. That is perfectly normal and where lots of patience will make a big difference with her. Once she trusts you she is very very sweet. She is very loving. She loves to be petted. She will hang out with you on the sofa.

Due to Sophie’s background, she is considered a flight risk. That means when she is afraid she might try to flee and flee very quickly. For this reason, her forever home will need to fully understand this risk, how to minimize this risk, and accept for the foreseeable future, Sophie will need to be on a leash any time outside. She is not a dog that you can just let run in the backyard. She is not a dog that can use a dog door to come in and out as she pleases.

Sophie is located in Columbia, South Carolina. Her adoption donation is $450.00. We do not transport our Berners; adopter should plan to travel to foster home to pick Sophie up.

If interested in adopting Sophie please complete our adoption application (see below) and return completed/signed application to

BFW Rescue Adoption Application
Download PDF • 83KB


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